Why Try Yoga? LeBron James Does It!

LeBronJamesWhen introducing young people to yoga, it’s good to know that yoga is for all kinds of people – including people we see in the media!

In his first season back with with the Cavaliers in his hometown, LeBron James is again playing well in the NBA playoffs.  Will his yoga practice have a role in tonight’s game?

In the media over the years, LeBron has demonstrated several ways yoga is valuable for athletes.  There’s some awesome photos of LeBron with middle-schoolers in the Cleveland Cavaliers “Fit As A Pro” workshops from 2009 (taken by Dana Bail – Cleveland Cavaliers, on NBA website).  In the same year, the Cleveland paper published an article highlighting LeBron’s yoga practice — and how it helps the NBA star with balance, strength, flexibility, and injury prevention.

During his years with the Miami Heat, yoga was called his “secret weapon,” profiled in the Miami Herald in an article that doesn’t seem to be archived on their website.  But plenty of other sites reported on the story of yoga as a key to LeBron’s endurance.

In the 2014 NBA Finals, LeBron’s yoga practice got some press as he prepared for Game 2, to counter bad leg cramps in Game 1.

“Yoga isn’t just about the body, it’s also about the mind and it’s a technique that has really helped me,” says James in the 2009 article by Brian Windhorst.

For anybody new to yoga, it’s cool to see how widespread it has become and how many applications it can have.  The best teachers of young people find ways to make their lessons relevant.  The NBA playoffs present a nice chance for yoga teachers!

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