Book: The Six Week Pain Solution

Alan Konell’s book provides wonderful and concise ideas for both how to think about pain as well as techniques for treatment involving the body and mind.  I find the model he proposes for illness to be very refreshing.

The book includes exercises that lend themselves well to yoga classes and meditations.

Check it out. It’s available as an e-book for the kindle (or free computer browser) and right now it’s only 99 cents!

FOR MORE, you can visit the book’s website, where you can also get audio downloads of the guided relaxations and emotional work.

My friend Sara recommended Alan and his books.  She was part of my yoga teacher training program, and her life’s work is about helping people with back pain.  I recorded the transcripts in the back of the book in garage band so I could play them on my ipod when I wanted to do self-hypnosis, which is basically what we try to achieve in shavasana.  This was the first resource I turned to when my headaches resurfaced, and it was a great time to discover such a book. ~Jordan

Konell, Alan. The Six Week Pain Solution: A Radically Effective New Approach to Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, Migraines and More.  Hippo Press/ Amazon Digital Services, 2012.

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